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Travel experience – the latest and detailed Nha Trang 2024 travel experience

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The detailed and latest Nha Trang 2024 travel experience will provide you with a full set of tips and experiences on tourism in Nha Trang city. Nha Trang is known as the most beautiful coastal city in Vietnam, possessing a long coastline with blue water, pristine islands and many attractive natural landscapes.

This is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a memorable beach vacation. Here are the latest detailed and updated Nha Trang 2024 travel experiences to help you have an enjoyable and cost-effective trip.

Overview of Nha Trang tourism

When should you travel to Nha Trang? Where to? Eat what? How to get there? How to get around? This article will review the full set of Nha Trang travel experience for tourists who have not experienced Nha Trang tourism.

Knowing more experience will help you relax. Certainly, this is a useful handbook for you. Nha Trang is located in the center of the South Central Coast, in Khanh Hoa province. The city has a long coastline with fine white sand and blue water.

Although it is a coastal city, Nha Trang also has majestic mountains and special culture, enough for you to travel to many churches, fishing villages, theaters, fairy springs, night markets, temples,….

Located in the East Sea, Nha Trang Sea also owns Cam Ranh port with the only strategic and exclusive location that nature offers.

Experience Nha Trang tourism 2024

Experience Nha Trang tourism 2024

Nha Trang is also known as the island city because there are 19 large and small islands around, creating unspoiled and charming natural beauty. Visitors come here not only to swim but also to explore the islands, visit famous landmarks such as Hon Chong, Ponagar Tower, Long Son Tu…

In addition, Nha Trang also owns many luxurious and comfortable resorts with a system of restaurants and eateries rich with fresh seafood specialties. Therefore, Nha Trang tourism is suitable for many different types of guests.

The people of Nha Trang are very honest, sincere and generous. When interacting with the people of Nha Trang, visitors will experience hospitality. One of the local cultures is sidewalk iced tea and coffee shops every morning. The people of the sea have the beauty of the people who are laborious, industrious and diligent.

When should I travel to Nha Trang? – Travel experience

Nha Trang does not have two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season because the weather in Nha Trang is cool all year round, the average temperature is 25-28 degrees Celsius. Nha Trang stands out with its long and shimmering sea route. The most ideal season to travel to Nha Trang is from January to August because it does not rain much, the waves are calm.

If you want to participate in the sea festival, you should go in the months of 4-5. If you want to avoid crowds and high prices, you can go in the low season of September-November.

Nha Trang is also regularly affected by storms in September-November, so it is necessary to monitor the weather forecast to have an appropriate plan. All of that creates favorable conditions for Nha Trang to reach the top hot hit of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia.

How to get to Nha Trang ? – Travel experience

When you arrive in Nha Trang, you need to find a suitable means of transportation. The city has a lot of transportation options so you can choose according to your wishes and the purpose of your trip. If you travel to Nha Trang, there are 3 common ways to travel to Nha Trang: by plane, bus and train.

| Learn about tours, you can contact them here.

Traveling to Nha Trang by plane

This is the fastest and most convenient way. Currently, there are 2 airports near Nha Trang, Cam Ranh Airport and Nha Trang. Some airlines operate flights to Nha Trang such as Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways, Vietnam Airlines… The price of one-way air tickets ranges from 700,000 – 1 million VND.

Traveling to Nha Trang by bus

Some reputable bus companies such as Phuong Trang,… have routes from Ho Chi Minh City/Hanoi to Nha Trang. The one-way bus ticket price is about 250,000 – 350,000 VND. Night cars are cheaper and take less time than day cars.

To Nha Trang by train

Nha Trang has Nha Trang station located on the North – South line, so it is very convenient to take the train. Some fast trains to Nha Trang such as SE1, SE3, SE5, SE7… run from Saigon or Hanoi stations. One-way train ticket price ranges from 450,000 – 700,000 VND.

Please stick to the time frame or book tickets about 1 week in advance to receive your own offer, usually air tickets and resort rooms will be cheaper than if you book 1 day in advance.

The Nha Trang hotels, villas and resorts I have stayed in

Here are some hotels, resorts, villas that I have stayed in when traveling to Nha Trang. You can refer to choose a place to stay that suits your needs and economic conditions:

Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa – Travel experience

  • Address: Lot D14B, Nguyen Tat Thanh, st, Cam Lam, Khanh Hoa
  • Room price: about 2 – 5 million VND/night
  • Review: Villas are spacious, modern, and clean with a full view of Cam Ranh Bay. Free to cook. Thoughtful service, full facilities.
  • Free mineral water, tea , coffee. Staff rent a car for guests, ship food, buy supplies for guests.
  • Perfect for a family or group of friends. There is a free children’s playground. There is a private pool. Get an extra gift for stays of 2 nights.

| For more detailed information about the services of Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa or to book a room click here

Experience Nha Trang tourism 2024

Experience Nha Trang tourism 2024

Thu Hien Hotel Nha Trang (2 stars) – Travel experience

  • Address: 98b Tran Phu, Loc Tho, Nha Trang
  • Room rate: 450,000 – 700,000 VND/night
  • Review: The hotel is simple and clean, convenient to move. Staff friendliness Affordability

Nalicas Hotel Nha Trang (3 stars +) – Travel experience

  • Address: 98b/12, Tran Phu, Loc Tho, Nha Trang
  • Room rate: 800,000 – 1,200,000 VND/night
  • Review: The hotel is quite new, modern, spacious and clean. Wide pool, nice view. Good breakfast food. troubleshooting

Red Sun Hotel Nha Trang (4 stars) – Travel experience

  • Address: 96b Tran Phu, Loc Tho, Nha Trang
  • Room price: 1,400,000 – 2 million VND/night
  • Reviews: Luxury hotel with modern amenities. The room is large and comfortable, beautifully decorated. The rooftop pool has a beautiful panoramic view of Nha Trang.

Vinpearl Nha Trang Hotel and Resort – Travel experience

  • Room price: about 4 – 8 million VND/night
  • Evaluation: Luxury hotels and resorts belonging to Vinpearl chain. Modern amenities, classy furniture. The pool, private beach are relatively beautiful. Diverse dining, entertainment. It’s a good choice for high-end vacations.
  • In addition, in Nha Trang, there are many guesthouses and rooms priced from affordable to high-end, the price is only from 70,000 VND/ night, located near the neighborhoods of tourist attractions.

Please carefully review the contents and menu of the hotels and resorts.

The travel experience of self-sufficient travel in Nha Trang when traveling alone

If traveling to Nha Trang alone, you can note some of the following:

  • It is recommended to choose a hotel as close to the center as 2-3 stars for convenient transportation by bus or Grab/Gojek.
  • It is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the place where I will go to have fun, choose reputable places to stay.
  • Be sure to take care of your personal luggage, ID, relevant documents, technology items.
  • It is possible to buy a day tour to the islands, with a guide and shuttle so it is safe and convenient.
  • It is not recommended to travel late at night alone or take a taxi/grab for security.
  • Dress neatly to conveniently move between tourist destinations. In grocery stores and supermarkets in Nha Trang, there are also daily items and necessary items if you forget to bring them.
  • If you like adventure, you can participate in marine sports activities such as scuba diving, water motor racing, speed canoes…for about 100,000 – 200,000 VND/person.
  • Dining can choose street stalls, popular sidewalks because the price is affordable but also delicious.

Experience Nha Trang tourism for the family – Travel experience

Nha Trang is an ideal destination for families with the following conditions:

  • The weather is warm, the coast is long, so it is very suitable for the whole family to go to the beach and have fun.
  • Villas in Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa are reasonably priced for households, there are places for children to play for free.
  • Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa has a pool. Free to cook. Free mineral water, tea and coffee. Employees help rent a car for, ship or buy food for guests. When staying for 2 nights, there are gifts to bring back.
  • Many high-class resorts and amenities such as Vinpearl, Six Senses…have private designs, modern children’s play areas. Buffet food is plentiful.
  • There are many fun activities suitable for young children such as Vinpearl Land park, Suoi Hoa Lan play area, Monkey Island tour…
  • It is possible to rent buses and 16-seat buses to travel to tourist destinations or buy convenient and cost-effective combo tickets for day tours.

Tourist and entertainment destinations in Nha Trang

Packages, tips to play and check in virtual living places in Nha Trang. There are many attractive places to visit and have fun in Nha Trang. Depending on your interests and financial ability, you can choose the right places to visit:

Cam Ranh Bay Area, Cam Ranh Tourism – Travel experience

Cam Ranh beach: The place of Nha Trang tourist attractions is Bai Dai beach, tourists should not miss it. Cam Ranh beach has fine white sand, calm sea waves, clear blue sea with typical jade color. The scenery here is very beautiful with lush, rocky coconut trees and lush mountains surrounding. Definitely have to try Cam Ranh once, to experience the pristine beauty of Bai Dai beach.

Sealife: Sealife is a marine animal sanctuary located in Hoang Yen tourist area, 5 km from Cam Ranh beach. This is an ideal eco-tourism destination to learn about the diverse ecosystem of Cam Ranh beach. There is a seahorse aquarium with an area of thousands of square meters, containing hundreds of extremely abundant sea seahorses.

The latest and detailed Nha Trang 2024 travel experience

The latest and detailed Nha Trang 2024 travel experience

Binh Lap Peninsula: Binh Lap Peninsula is a famous eco-tourism area in Cam Ranh with pristine beaches, beautiful rocky rapids and rich primeval forests. This is an ideal place to explore nature.

Binh Ba Island: Binh Ba Island has a smooth white sand beach, clear blue sea water. The good green guava trees create shade for visitors. This is the ideal place for relaxation and swimming. Visitors can participate in sea games such as beach volleyball, soccer, bar swing…or kayaking to explore the surrounding coves.

Most tourists like to watch the  sunrise or sunset on Binh Ba Island, to enjoy the poetic beauty of this sea. The culinary specialties have grilled, grilled whale, fried leaf squid,… the taste is very delicious and unique.

Tu Van Pagoda: Tu Van Pagoda is located at the foot of Tu Van Mountain in Cam Ranh Peninsula, is an ancient pagoda famous for its unique architecture, a treasure trove of seashells and giant snails.

Hon Ba Nature Reserve (Hon Ba Yersin Nha Trang) is known as “the second Dalat” as it is lost in the fairyland with a poetic system of primeval forests with clear springs. It is a paradise for those who love to travel and explore nature.

Binh Hung Island: You will see the coral reefs under the deep sea without having to go far away. If you like to experience local life, this would be the ideal place.

The islands in Cam Ranh Bay are still quite pristine, few people visit. You can come here to enjoy the beauty of nature, swim in the sea or participate in adventure sea games.

Nha Trang Bay area, Nha Trang tourism – Travel experience

  • Hon Tam Island Nha Trang (Thuy Kim Son Island)
  • Coral Bay Nha Trang
  • Hon Mun Island Nha Trang
  • Yen Island – Hon Noi Nha Trang
  • Hon Mieu Island (Tri Nguyen Island)
  • Vinpearl Land Nha Trang (Vinwonders Nha Trang)
  • Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute (the place to display the first whale skeleton in Vietnam)
  • Bamboo island

Van Phong Bay Area – Travel experience

Van Phong Bay area in Nha Trang style 40km to the North. This is still a pristine sea that few people visit. Visitors can visit to enjoy the fresh air and quiet.

  • Doc Let tourist area (Doc Leng)
  • Diep Son Island

Nha Phu Bay Area – Travel experience

  • Nha Trang Monkey Island

Monkey Island is an island with many wild monkeys living in the wild. Visitors can buy food to feed monkeys and take souvenir photos.

  • Orchid Stream Tourist Area (Suoi Tu Si)

Orchid Stream is a famous eco-tourism area with streams, waterfalls crawling through the primeval forest…ideal for picnicking, bathing in the stream. The spring water here is very clear, the fish blow bubbles on the water. The fish silhouette on the bottom looks very beautiful.

Central area of Nha Trang – Travel experience

The central area of Nha Trang is home to many hotels, restaurants and attractions such as Hon Chong, Dam Market, Nha Trang Stone Church, Nha Trang Beach…this is also the place where the annual Sea Festival takes place.

  • Nha Trang Beach
  • Nha Trang Husband Island
  • Ponagar Tower Nha Trang
  • Mud bath in Nha Trang
  • Nha Trang Dam Market
  • Long Son Pagoda Nha Trang
  • Yang Bay Tower

How to get around in Nha Trang – Travel experience

Nha Trang is a bustling city but not too crowded. This place has enough tourist facilities, making it easy for visitors to choose between tourist destinations.

The following are the most popular means of transportation in Nha Trang that you may consider using:

Motorbike rental in Nha Trang prestige and quality

  • Price: 100,000 – 150,000 VND/day
  • Advantages: convenient, free to explore the city
  • Cons: less secure, prone to fraud
  • Some prestigious motorbike rental addresses include Phuong Trang, Vietravel, Dai Viet…

Cheap car rental in Nha Trang

  • Price: 800,000 – 1,200,000 VND/day
  • Advantages: more convenient and safer than motorbikes
  • Disadvantages: more expensive, difficult to park in some places
  • Some reputable car rental companies in Nha Trang such as Saigon Car, Haravan, Van Minh…

Getting there by taxi

  • Fare from 15,000 – 20,000 VND/km
  • Pros: safe, fast
  • Disadvantages: sometimes hacked, difficult to call a taxi at peak hours
  • Some large taxi companies in Nha Trang such as Mai Linh, Vinasun, Thanh Buoi Taxi…

Get there by bus

  • Ticket price: 7,000 – 25,000 VND/trip depending on the route
  • Advantages: cheap, many routes, easy to catch
  • Cons: few trips in the evening and early
  • Buses in Nha Trang currently have main routes to Vinh Nguyen, Ninh Hoa, Da Lat…

Travel by ship, canoe

  • Reference price: 100,000 – 300,000 VND/person
  • Advantages: beautiful scenery along Nha Trang Bay
  • Disadvantages: easy seasickness, more expensive than other means
  • In general, you can go canoeing to explore the islands or hire a boat to visit Nha Trang Bay at night.

If you have your own self-sufficient car, motorbike, car, you can also comfortably go in the city. There is a lot of transportation in the city. You can use public transport such as buses, cheap prices and pay with cash.

Nha Trang Day Tours

Should you go on a day tour in Nha Trang?

  • Day tours are a popular choice for many visitors to Nha Trang because:
  • Tour price is cheap, suitable for students.
  • Shuttle by modern car, speedboat.
  • Be explained about the destinations by the tour guide.
  • Visiting many places in a short time.
  • However, the tour also has some disadvantages such as a large number of people, the time in each place is less, so it is only suitable for individual guests.

Notes when booking a day tour in Nha Trang

  • To avoid loss of bearing, you should be aware of:
  • Choose reputable tour operators with a tour business license
  • Read carefully about the schedule, time, pick-up and drop-off point…before booking the tour
  • Pre-departure vehicle and boat inspections to ensure quality
  • Always wear a life jacket on the boat and listen to staff instructions
  • Check tickets and invoices at the end of the tour to avoid being “hacked”
  • Organizing unit OF matching tour IN Nha Trang PRESTIGE and QUALITY

Some reliable tour operators to book day tours in Nha Trang:

  • Fire Viet Tourism Company
  • Green Grass Travel
  • Fiditour Travel Company
  • Hanh Phuc Tourist Company
  • Viet College Company

These companies often have reasonable tour prices, quality vehicles and shuttle trains, enthusiastic and cheerful guides.

Where to eat Nha Trang seafood?

Nha Trang is famous for fresh, affordable seafood. Here are some of the best places to eat seafood in Nha Trang:

  • Thanh Thuy seafood hotpot – Dam market area: famous for the best squid hotpot in Nha Trang
  • Blue Sea Restaurant – Vo Nguyen Giap: Fresh seafood, many attractive hotpot dishes
  • Co Tien Seafood Restaurant – Le Thanh Ton: Beautiful and affordable sea view
  • Hai Yen – Le Hong Phong Restaurant: Luxurious design, high-end but affordable price

In addition, you can visit seafood shops located along Tran Phu street or small shops around Dam market to enjoy.

| You want to  know more about the good eateries in Nha Trang, you can visit here for more information.

Delicious dishes and specialties in Nha Trang

Nha Trang cuisine is diverse and rich, from popular dishes to famous specialties, creating a special culinary experience for visitors. It is enchanting and popular with types such as wet cakes, dumplings, fish salad, bun cha, banh Beo, jellyfish salad, dam cake, banh chua, fish salad, especially Nha Trang fish noodle soup that has spread love with this coastal city.

Nha Trang Travel Experience – Cuisine

Nha Trang Travel Experience – Cuisine

Travel experience introduces about food. Food is also a special culture, entertained by hospitable people. Nha Trang fish paste vermicelli is the best selling dish because Nha Trang fish paste is handmade, when the fish is fresh, people process and preserve it to treat guests.

If you are lucky enough to sit in the living room of the locals to enjoy the fish cake noodle soup cooked by the host himself, then congratulations because they really like you.

Eating fish noodle soup while chatting and answering idle questions, commenting on key conversations, updating hot news on the market seems to become the lifestyle of local people. Nha Trang has many other delicious and typical dishes that you should not miss:

Ninh Hoa grilled spring rolls are typical sour and spicy spring rolls of Ninh Hoa people, delicious and crispy when served with raw vegetables and dipped in ginger sauce.

In addition, grilled fish is an indispensable dish in seafood parties of Nha Trang people. Fresh fish is grilled on fragrant embers.

The typical soup cake of the Central region with rich broth and crispy fish rolls is the fish soup cake. Nha Trang jellyfish vermicelli – a famous street food no less than Da Nang jellyfish vermicelli. Fresh, crispy jellyfish combined with raw vegetables, vermicelli and exotic sweet and sour sauce. Nha Trang mango rice paper

This is a typical cake of Nha Trang land with an irresistible sweet and sour taste.  About the price, go to the supermarket to get a good price, in addition, in the resorts there is a shopping area dedicated to tourists.

Itinerary for Nha Trang tourism

Here are some popular Nha Trang travel itineraries from 1 to 4 days for your reference:

Guide to planning a trip to Nha Trang

  • A reasonable time should be arranged to avoid drowning when moving between attractions
  • Prioritize places near the city center on the first day to get around
  • Alternate sightseeing and reasonable rest so as not to get tired
  • Pay close attention to the means of transportation between points

1-day Nha Trang travel itinerary

  • Breakfast: Breakfast – bathing in Nha Trang beach – Vinpearl land
  • Afternoon: Lunch on seafood – monkey island – mud bath – sightseeing at Long Son pagoda

Nha Trang travel itinerary 2 days 1 night

  • Day 1: Visit Hon Chong – swimming – snorkeling
  • Day 2: Breakfast – explore Yen Dao and Hon Mieu – return in the afternoon

Itinerary for 3 days 2 nights in Nha Trang

  • Day 1: Arrive in Nha Trang – seafood dinner – night cruise
  • Day 2: Monkey Island, Silkworm Island, Narcissus Island Matching Tour
  • Day 3: Bathing, shopping for specialties and then returning

Nha Trang itinerary 4 days 3 nights

  • Day 1: Visit central points of Nha Trang
  • Day 2: Explore Vinpearl Land and surrounding islands
  • Day 3: Chill at the hotel – afternoon shopping for specialties

You have the flexibility to add and rearrange your schedule to suit your time and interests. The itinerary will be updated depending on each tour you choose.

What to buy as a souvenir in Nha Trang

Here are some Nha Trang specialties worth buying as gifts

Dried seafood – Travel experience

Nha Trang has many types of seafood such as squid, mackerel, barracuda…which are deliciously dried, easy to bring back as gifts. You can visit dry goods stores such as Minh Hoa and Ba Hanh to buy them!

Spring roll wraps – Travel experience

As a famous specialty of Nha Trang, both fat and sour taste of mangoes are very suitable as snacks. There are many sold at specialty stores or Nha Trang Dam market.

| You can refer to Nha Trang pancakes, one of the specialties of Nha Trang here.

Bird’s nest in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa – Travel experience

As a high-end and rare product, you can buy it as a gift for your boss and relatives. Buy at reputable bird’s nest shops to avoid counterfeit products such as Phu Quy bird’s nest, Thanh Ben bird’s nest, Khanh Hoa bird’s nest, etc.

The self-sufficient cost of Nha Trang tourism

How much does it cost to travel in Nha Trang city? How much does it cost to travel? Here is a summary of reference costs for self-sufficient Nha Trang travel for you to imagine:

Travel costs (return) – Travel experience

  • Aircraft: 1 – 2 million VND
  • Bus: 500,000 – 700,000 VND
  • Train: 900,000 – 1.4 million VND

Accommodation costs – Travel experience

Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa  2 million/night
2-star hotel/resort  500,000VND – 700,000VND/night
3 star hotel 2  800,000VND – 1 million VND/night
4-star hotels  1.5 million – 3 million/night
5-star hotel.  Over 3 million/night

Meal expenses

  • Breakfast: 50,000 – 100,000 VND/day
  • Lunch, afternoon: 100,000 – 200,000 VND/day
  • Cafe/beverage: 20,000 – 70,000 VND/time

Thus, usually the reference cost for the total cost of a trip to Nha Trang is about 3 – 6 million VND/person and you can adjust according to actual conditions and needs.

Note that the above prices are for reference only, you need to prepare carefully and add a little spare cost.

Questionnaire about Nha Trang tourism experience

  1. Before traveling to Nha Trang, what do you need to prepare?
  • Air/train/bus tickets and hotel booking
  • Clothing, hats, glasses, sunscreen, cosmetics, toiletries such as towels, toothpaste, shampoo, soap for cruises
  • Medications for abdominal pain, fever, flu in case of need
  • Camera to capture memorable moments
  • Number of taxis and motorbikes when traveling in the city
  • Find an enthusiastic guide who will help you explore all of Nha Trang
  1. In which area of Nha Trang should you choose a hotel or resort?
  • The area near Cam Ranh airport for those who travel by plane is the ideal place to stay because of the beautiful view, close to the sea, near the flight location, many convenient, extended and luxurious tourist areas.
  • Nha Trang city center area gives you the passion to explore because the city center is a bustling place, easy to find snacks and easy to move to tourist and dining destinations.
  1. Should I visit the islands in Nha Trang?

The islands around Nha Trang such as Hon Tam, Hon Yen, Hon Mun… are the highlights that attract tourists because of their pristine beauty and smooth white sandy beach. Therefore, you should visit and experience attractive activities such as:

  • Dive and see coral
  • Sliding ropes, underwater swings
  • Sludge filling
  • Beach bathing
  1. What does Nha Trang have to buy as a gift?

Some Nha Trang specialties that are bought a lot as gifts include:

  • Khanh Hoa bird’s nest is one of the specialties of Nha Trang and Khanh Hoa.
  • Seafood is one of the specialties of Nha Trang sea land and of course there will be no shortage of dried seafood: squid, mackerel, dried shrimp…
  • Nha Trang mango rice paper: both fat and sour, very typical.
  • Ninh Hoa spring rolls are famous for grilled spring rolls and sour spring rolls, often visitors will buy Ninh Hoa spring rolls more because of the characteristic taste of this spring rolls. Fine arts: wooden statues, marble bracelets…

You can buy Nha Trang specialties at Dam market and some grocery stores in the area.