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Top 5 Cam Ranh Resort – Cheap Cam Ranh Resort

Top 5 Cam Ranh Resort – Cheap Cam Ranh Resort Did you know? Cam Ranh is known as the great sea tourism paradise of Vietnam. With beautiful beaches, fresh air and luxurious resort system, Cam Ranh is really an ideal destination for your vacation.

In this article, we will introduce you to the Top 5 Cheap Cam Ranh Resort Near the Beach with a Private Beach that is worth your choice for your upcoming vacation.

Why should you choose a resort in Cam Ranh to relax?

Cam Ranh owns a beautiful beach famous for its fine white sand, gentle waves and fresh air. Coming to Cam Ranh, you will feel like being in close contact with nature and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing space. Because of being favored and pampered by nature, Cam Ranh possesses a white sandy shore like the skin of a fairy, with waves like spring hair.

Cam Ranh resorts are built very close to Cam Ranh airport to facilitate the best trips of the day, Cam Ranh is very close to the South and Central region of Vietnam, is the intersection of cultures: modern culture of Europe, combined with the unique culture of Vietnam, Cam Ranh is endowed with natural beauty that needs to be preserved. Therefore, Cam Ranh resort construction projects have planned and ensured the best experience for visitors.

Cam Ranh has an airport, Cam Ranh port is an important place for Vietnam and the world.

In addition, Cam Ranh also owns a system of high-class resorts and hotels with full facilities and perfect services. From restaurants, bars, spas, gyms to swimming pools, tennis courts,… are designed in a modern and luxurious way. Therefore, many visitors to Cam Ranh often choose to stay at resorts to enjoy the perfect holiday.

Where in the Central region can there be 2 cities ? Khanh Hoa is one of 17 provinces with two or more provincial cities. It is Nha Trang city and Cam Ranh city.

Top 5 cheap Cam Ranh resorts near the beach with private beach

Top 5 cheap Cam Ranh resorts near the beach with private beach

Reasons to choose a resort in Cam Ranh:

  • Beautiful beach, fresh air

Cam Ranh has a beautiful beach with fine white sand, calming waves and fresh air.  Cam Ranh beach is full of dreamy and charming, a place to meet and exchange of regions. This is the ideal place to relax and swim. In addition, Cam Ranh is very close to Nha Trang, which is a great beach to visit.

It is the place where 240 flights take off and land at Cam Ranh airport. Should travel Cam Ranh package or combo to enjoy the best deals. If you are planning to travel, Cam Ranh is a great place for you to have a full trip.

  • Magnificent natural scenery

Cam Ranh possesses a majestic natural landscape with majestic mountain scenery surrounding, creating a poetic landscape. This is the ideal place to take photos and enjoy the scenery.

  • High-end resort system with full facilities

The resorts in Cam Ranh are luxuriously designed with all necessary amenities to meet the resort needs of tourists. From restaurants, bars, swimming pools to entertainment and wellness are fully set up. The photos taken from the drone show that Cam Ranh resort system is very high-end and modern, serving international and domestic guests.

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Top 5 cheap Cam Ranh resorts near the beach with private beach

Here are the top 5 cheap Cam Ranh resorts that still have a prime location near the sea and have a luxurious private beach for guests to stay. Attendance at affordable and modern Cam Ranh resorts and resorts

  1. Wyndham Garden Resort

  • Address: Lot D14B, Nguyen Tat Thanh, st, Cam Lam, Khanh Hoa 650000
  • Phone: 0258 3996 888

Wyndham Garden Resort is one of the beautiful and famous Cam Ranh resorts in Cam Ranh. It is one of the resorts in Cam Ranh Long Beach. Located on Cam Ranh Peninsula in the North, Wyndham Garden Resort owns a private beach longer than 1km with fine white sand, gentle waves and fresh air.

As a 5-star Cam Ranh resort, it has a modern design with high-class rooms and villas that are spacious and spacious. All rooms face the sea and have spacious balconies so you can bring the beauty of Cam Ranh blue sea into sight.

In addition, Wyndham Garden Resort also owns a full range of high-class facilities and services such as restaurants, bars, spas, swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds,etc. Wyndham Garden is a Cam Ranh resort with an amusement park, meeting all the resort needs of guests.

The plus point is that the room price at Wyndham Garden Resort is cheap compared to the original, especially at Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa located in Wyndham Garden Resort with prices ranging from 1,500,000 – 3,000,000 VND/ night; suitable for those who want to find a luxurious and economical vacation in Cam Ranh.

The highlight is that the room rental price at Wyndham Garden Resort is relatively cheap compared to other resorts in the same segment but still ensures premium service quality. Therefore, this will be an ideal choice for a cheap vacation in Cam Ranh.

Top 5 cheap Cam Ranh resorts near the beach with private beach

Top 5 cheap Cam Ranh resorts near the beach with private beach

  1. Selectum Noa Resort Cam Ranh

  • Address: 35PR +HXQ, Cam Hai Dong, Cam Lam, Khanh Hoa

Selectum Noa Resort Cam Ranh is a high-end resort in Cam Ranh. Besides the beautiful beach, Selectum Noa Resort also impresses with its luxurious architecture. All rooms are modern, spacious design with beautiful sea view.

With a prime location and private beach, Selectum Noa is really the ideal beach resort for a vacation in Cam Ranh. Besides, the resort also owns a culinary restaurant, bar, gym, spa, swimming pool and modern entertainment area to meet the needs of relaxation and entertainment for visitors. Room rates are relatively affordable compared to resorts in the same segment in Cam Ranh.

  1. Alma Resort Cam Ranh

  • Address: Cam Hai Dong, Khanh Hoa

Alma Resort Cam Ranh is one of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts in the coastal city of Cam Ranh. Located right on the beach , Alma Cam Ranh has a long beach with fine white sand and calm waves.

In addition, Alma Resort also owns a modern system of facilities including restaurants, bars, spas, gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools, continuous entertainment areas,etc. to meet all entertainment and relaxation needs of visitors.

  1. Radisson Blu Resort Cam Ranh

  • Address: D12 Lot A, Nguyen Tat Thanh, Cam Lam, Khanh Hoa

Radisson Blu Resort Cam Ranh attracts visitors by its unique architecture with modern European style, shimmering combination of lakes and trees

Coming to Radisson Blu Resort Cam Ranh, visitors will feel like getting lost in a luxurious resort oasis with a large outdoor infinity pool, a beautiful tropical garden and a system of restaurants and bars serving international cuisine.

With a high-class utility system and reasonable room rates, Radisson Blu Resort is really an ideal choice for a luxurious, cost-effective vacation in the coastal city of Cam Ranh.

  1. Fusion Resort Cam Ranh

  • Address: LotD10B Nguyen Tat Thanh, Cam Lam, Khanh Hoa

Fusion Resort Cam Ranh is one of the most luxurious and high-class resorts in Cam Ranh. Possessing an elegant and impressive design architecture along the romantic Cam Ranh coastline, Fusion Resort is likened to a resort paradise on an S-shaped land.

Fusion Resort Cam Ranh has an international standard villa and hotel. The interior space is spacious and modern with full facilities and equipment. In particular, all apartments have their own balconies and loggia with enchanting sea views.

In addition, Fusion Resort also owns many high-class facilities such as restaurants, bars, gyms, spas, water parks, etc. along with a series of exciting and diverse entertainment activities for all ages.

And many Cam Ranh resorts are also mentioned such as Vinpearl Long Beach Resort Cam Ranh, Duyen Ha Resort Cam Ranh,etc.

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Compare the price lists of Cam Ranh resorts

Reference price list of November 2023

Resort Average room rate
Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa 1,900,000-6,000,000 VND/night
Wyndham Garden Resort 2,500,000 – 3,000,000 VND/night
Selectum Noa Resort 2,000,000 – 4,00,000 VND/night
Alma Resort 2,800,000 – 4,000,000 VND/night
Radisson Blu Resort 2,300,000 – 3,000,000 VND/night
Fusion Maia Resort 3,000,000 – 6,000,000 VND/night

Thus, it can be seen that the room price of the above resorts ranges from about 1,900,000 – 6,000,000 VND/night. In particular, Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa is priced from 1,900,000 VND. Alma Resort and Fusion Resort belong to the higher-end segment, so the room price is higher, while Selectum Noa, Wyndham Garden and Radisson Blu are suitable options if you want to find a good cheap Cam Ranh resort.

Experiences not to be forgetten at Cam Ranh resort

Savor fresh seafood dishes

Enjoy the freshest and most delicious seafood at the restaurants right on the resort premises. With the location adjacent to the sea, Cam Ranh resorts have the advantage of providing the freshest and most quality sea ingredients for your meals.

Cam Ranh resort

Cam Ranh resort

* Note:

Choose to buy seafood at reputable and crowded restaurants

Do not eat raw oysters and clams if they are not cooked

Enjoy a high quality spa resort

Spend time relaxing at the resort’s spa area to be spoiled by professional massage and wellness services. With a quiet space and experienced staff, the spa resort will help you relax completely after tiring trips.

If you love Cam Ranh cuisine, this article will also advise you on the delicious dishes in Cam Ranh that you should try. Join us to learn about the delicious Cam Ranh specialties “unique spleen”

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9 delicious Cam Canh specialties out of dipping sauce must try

  • Cam Ranh cake.
  • Cam Ranh mango cake.
  • Cam Ranh pancake.
  • Grilled spring rolls with Cam Ranh.
  • Cam Ranh only chicken.
  • Cam Ranh fetish.
  • Cam Ranh noodles.

Finally, the beautiful Cam Ranh tourist sites

Explore popular tourist attractions around

After a comfortable rest at the resort, don’t forget to explore the famous landscapes around. Here are the list of tourist attractions near Cam Ranh:

Tourist attractions near Cam Ranh you can visit

  • Long Beach – the most beautiful beach in Vietnam
  • Nhat Le hot spring
  • Vinpearl Land
  • Hon Chong
  • Van Phong Bay
  • Binh Lap Island
  • Babel Island
  • Nha Trang city center

These are all attractive tourist destinations not to be missed when coming to Cam Ranh resort paradise.

The right time to travel to Cam Ranh and the above landmarks will be in the right tourist season, cheap and beautiful is summer and spring. When the weather starts the transition from winter to spring, the natural landscape will show its own beauty, the summer sun brings a refreshing feeling and Cam Ranh beach will bring freshness and coolness only here.

What are the traveller reviews for Cam Ranh? We will review, update, and select content with authentic quantity and quality. After that, the contents of Cam Ranh tourism will be refined year by year.

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Review of Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa:

  • “Beautiful beach, 3pn villa with affordable private pool. There are enough washing machines, stoves, ovens, microwaves in the house. ”
  • “Nice beach, nice clean, nice staff. When I checked out, I also gave a basket of fruits.
  • “The villa is super nice, beautiful, the swimming pool is super beautiful. The rosy sea view is free to check in to the virtual life. The resort is extremely large, beautiful scenery The swimming pool is big. Cute, enthusiastic staff. Perfect perfect”
  • “The villa has a large airy area, a fully furnished bedroom with a view of the sea . Kitchen and dining table with modern equipment. There is an infinity pool facing the sea . The space is suitable for family retreats .”


Cam Ranh is indeed an ideal resort paradise with a beautiful beach, a mild climate and a luxurious and fully equipped resort system.

In the above article is THE TOP 5 cheap Cam Ranh Resort near the beach with a private beach suitable for the economic conditions of the majority of tourists but still ensuring the quality of service.

Hopefully, with this useful information, you will choose the right resort to have the most perfect vacation in the beautiful coastal city.

Questionnaire about Top 5 Cheap Cam Ranh Resort Near the Beach with Private Beach

  1. How much do I have to deposit when renting Cam Ranh Resort?

When booking at Cam Ranh resorts, you usually have to deposit 30 – 50% of the total rent in advance. The remaining amount will be paid at check-in

Some resorts may require a deposit of 100% of the single room value. However, these are usually high-end resorts with high room rents.

  1. Time to check in – check out of Cam Ranh Resort villa?

Normally, the check-in time at most Cam Ranh resorts is 14h00. And check-out is 12h00 or 13h00 the next day.

However, depending on the resort, the check in – check out time may change. Therefore, you should contact the resort directly to know the exact check in/out time at the place where you book.

  1. What if I want to check in to Cam Ranh Resort earlier than 14h00?

In case you want to check in earlier than the specified time, you can contact Cam Ranh resort directly for assistance in arranging.

Some resorts offer early check-in for an additional fee. Therefore, you need to work with the resort receptionist to know the specific policy and costs incurred when checking in early (if any).

  1. What if I want to check out late at Cam Ranh Resort?

Similarly, if you want to extend the checkout time, you also need to discuss directly with the resort for policies and additional fees (if any).

Some resorts allow an extension of the checkout time for a certain additional fee. However, this also depends on the room availability and booking demand of the next guests at the resort.