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Cam Ranh Long Beach – 3 experiences of traveling to Nha Trang

Cam Ranh Long Beach – The experience of traveling to Nha Trang will help discover a famous tourist destination in Khanh Hoa, which is Cam Ranh Long Beach, also known as Nha Trang Long Beach. This is a place you can’t miss because of its wild, natural beauty, with a long, eye-catching beach and smooth white sand. Let’s discover more about the beauty of Bai Dai Beach through this article.

Where is Cam Ranh Long Beach?

Long Beach is a beautiful beach located in the south of Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. Specifically, Bai Dai is located in Cam Ranh Bay, about 25km south of Nha Trang city center.

Geographical location

  • Bai Dai Beach is located on National Highway 1A
  • The North borders Cam Thinh Tay commune
  • To the south, it borders Cam Thanh Tay commune
  • To the west is the mountain, to the east is Cam Ranh Bay.

Thus, with its favorable geographical location, close to Cam Ranh International Airport and attractive natural scenery, Cam Ranh Long Beach is considered an ideal tourist destination for tourists when coming to Nha Trang.

Cam Ranh Long Beach – 3 experiences of traveling to Nha Trang

Cam Ranh Long Beach – 3 experiences of traveling to Nha Trang

The ideal time to travel to Bai Dai

Long Beach has a tropical monsoon climate, hot and humid all year round, so you can travel to Long Beach at any time of the year. However, the best time to check-in here is:

Summer (May-August)

  • The weather is stable, sunny and beautiful
  • Clear, calm sea water
  • Exciting recreational activities

Holidays (30 Tet, 2/9, 20/10)

  • Vibrant festive atmosphere
  • Many attractive performances.

In addition, March – April is also an ideal time to visit Bai Dai beach because the weather is pleasant, not too hot. Contact us directly for more information on fun and recreation activities here

Directions to Cam Ranh Long Beach

Cam Ranh Long Beach is a popular tourist destination, there are many means of transportation here, however, Nha Trang is not a crowded city that is difficult to move. So travelers can have peace of mind on the road. There are main ways to get to Cam Ranh Long Beach including by car, motorbike or bus.

By car & motorbike

  • From Nha Trang: Move on National Highway 1A towards Cam Ranh city about 25km.
  • From Cam Ranh Airport: Travel on National Highway 1A to the North about 15km.
  • From Cam Ranh City: Moving on National Highway 1A to the North about 10km.

By coach

You can take a bus from Nha Trang bus station to Bai Dai beach. The car runs regularly, the ticket price is about 50,000 VND/turn. Choose the right vehicle to save time and costs when traveling!

What’s on Cam Ranh Long Beach?

Cam Ranh Bai Dai Resort owns a coastline of more than 4km with many attractive entertainment activities:

Cam Ranh Long Beach is the most popular tourist destination in recent years, with entertainment areas, and outdoor activities for those who like to explore nature.

Discover Cam Ranh Long Beach – Beautiful beach in Cam Ranh

Discover Cam Ranh Long Beach – Beautiful beach in Cam Ranh

| Read more news about Cam Ranh Long Beach here.

Sealife Cam Ranh Long Beach

  • Sealife Nha Trang is located in the middle of a beautiful sea, with clear blue water and long white sands.
  • Here, visitors can enjoy sports activities such as windsurfing, water skiing, parachuting or snorkeling.
  • You can also take a basket boat to admire the beauty of the reef or try a new feeling when riding a banana float on the sea.
  • In addition, you can admire the beautiful natural scenery around while participating in these activities.

Enjoy swimming in Bai Dai tourist area

  • Swimming, watching the sunset.
  • Take photos of check-in at beautiful corners.
  • Participate in cultural and artistic exchange programs.

Participate in water sports activities

  • Kayaking, sup.
  • silence the sea and watch the coral reef
  • Fishing, windsurfing, boating.

Taste fresh seafood

  • Enjoy fresh seafood such as shrimp, crab, squid, snails, shellfish…
  • Many attractive dishes, local specialties.

With these interesting experiences, you will surely have a memorable Bai Dai trip!

Ticket price at Bai Dai tourist area

Admission is completely free! Just take a shower, do not need to use the restaurant’s food, visitors only need to spend 50,000 VND for using the beach, couches and bath water.

It’s OK if you and your team want to bring your own food, just pay a small surcharge. And if you want to have a delicious barbecue, you can rent an oven for an extremely attractive price of 40,000 VND.”

Cam Ranh Long Beach Tour

Currently, there are many travel companies organizing 1-day Bai Dai tours with reasonable prices, suitable for families and large groups. Some popular Bai Dai tours include:

Long Beach Tour – Vinpearl

  • Visit Nha Trang, Bai Dai & Vinpearl Land
  • Tour price: 1,950,000 VND

Bai Dai Tour – Mineral Stream

  • Explore Long Beach & bathe in hot springs, resorts, Long Son pagoda 3 days 4 nights.
  • Tour price: 4,290,000 VND/person

Private tour of Long Beach

  • Private shuttle on request.
  • Tour price: Contact directly.

Please contact the travel company for advice, detailed quotation!

Where to go to Bai Dai Beach?

Cam Ranh Long Beach area has quite a lot of resort options with full facilities, suitable for many tourists. Details are as follows:

Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa:

Located on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, just 30km from the 100 Egg Mud Bath resort, Mystery Villas Spa Cam Ranh is an ideal destination with an outdoor pool, gym, air conditioning and free WiFi connection.

The villas here have a large terrace, allowing guests to enjoy the sea view and relaxing seating space. The room also has a flat-screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge and oven, and a private bathroom equipped with a shower, sink, and free toiletries. Guests can also use the in-room microwave, stove, and kettle.

Cam Ranh Long Beach - Top 5 most beautiful beaches on the planet

Cam Ranh Long Beach – Top 5 most beautiful beaches on the planet

At Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa, guests will enjoy delicious seafood dishes and Vietnamese and local specialties at the resort’s restaurant.

If you have children with you, you can use the kids club for free with peace of mind.

The resort is 37km from Alexandre Yersin Museum and 37km from Agarwood Tower. The nearest airport is Cam Ranh International Airport, which is just steps away from the villa and offers free airport transfers to customers.

Therefore, when traveling to Bai Dai, you can be assured of a place to rest with a variety of options for each type of visitor. Book booking at Cam Ranh Mystery Villas & Spa to enjoy resort services here.

What foods do you eat at Bai Dai Beach?

The journey of experiencing local food has always been an integral part of every trip.

Long Beach is a destination that never disappoints tourists because of its abundant seafood, not only delicious but affordable. Seafood here is always caught fresh and processed immediately, ensuring freshness and quality. That’s why many people love to dine at Thuy Trieu restaurant and The Shack Vietnam, where seafood is always upscale.

What’s even more special is that you can taste local delicacies such as grilled sardines with chili salt, dried fish, scented snails, jellyfish noodle soup, grilled mussels with onion oil, clams. These dishes are unique to the locals and can only be enjoyed when you visit Bai Dai Beach. So don’t miss out on these delicious specialties!

3 experiences of traveling to Cam Ranh Long Beach

Here are some helpful notes when planning an experience at Cam Ranh Long Beach:

  • Prepare all personal belongings: such as sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses to avoid the fierce sun of the sea.
  • Choose the right resort for your needs: There are many resort options with a variety of prices and styles. Choose to suit your interests and economy.
  • Book a package tour:To save time and costs, you should book a package tour when traveling to Bai Dai.

Hope the above sharing will help the journey to conquer the beautiful “jewel” of Cam Ranh Bay!


Cam Ranh Long Beach is indeed the ideal destination for a memorable sea trip with fine white sand, blue water and a lot of attractive entertainment activities.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, readers have more useful information to plan their experience at Cam Ranh Long Beach.

Don’t forget to check in and take lots of photos at the most beautiful spots of the beach to save memorable moments! Wish you have a meaningful and interesting trip to Cam Ranh Long Beach.

Questionnaire about Cam Ranh Long Beach

  1. How to get to Cam Ranh Long Beach?
  • You can catch a taxi from Cam Ranh International Airport and travel 10km to your destination;
  • Travel from Nha Trang center to Nguyen Tat Thanh Avenue to reach Bai Dai Cam Ranh. Or you can also follow the route from the city center. Nha Trang, Nguyen Tat Thanh, and Cu Hin pass, and you have arrived.
  1. What to prepare for Cam Ranh Long Beach?
  • Coming to Cam Ranh Long Beach, you need to prepare sunscreen, towels, hats, hats, and long clothes to enjoy the most complete trip to the sea.
  • In addition, you need to prepare a cool skin cream when traveling in the summer because the sun is very hot in Cam Ranh.
  1. What are the notes when coming to Cam Ranh Long Beach?
  • Bring all the necessary items: identification, sunscreen, swimwear, spare charger,…
  • If you can’t swim, take a bath by the shore and rent or buy life jackets at beachside stalls
  • Plan all costs in advance, then make a schedule to save money and do not miss out on attractive experiences at Cam Ranh Long Beach.